The Million-Dollar One-Person Business

“Though million-dollar entrepreneurs don’t have a boss or employees, they don’t thrive in isolation. They understand their success depends on people, from vendors and freelance talent to clients. Typically, the success of these businesses is based heavily on connecting with customers who are passionate about what they sell and have the power to get other people excited about purchasing it, too.”

-Elaine Pofeldt


Startups and home-based businesses have been mainstream for years – Etsy, ebay, and the internet in general allow for savvy entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. In reality, though, most startups are viewed as more technical and multi-employee monsters. Elaine Pofeldt details how it is possible to create a one-person startup that is wildly successful and driven by both consumer and creator needs.

With insightful advice (from her own experience in the freelance world), The Million-Dollar One-Person Business: Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want. reads like advice from a business mentor and sage experts without seeming heavy or overwhelming. In general, it is inspiring even to those of us who may not yet know what our future million-dollar business will be. A great read for anyone who dreams of being their own boss or creating a brilliant business.

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