Fire on the Track

“She felt her muscles come alive as she dashed down the track, the auditorium pulsating wildly as time seemed to stop altogether yet simultaneously blast forward faster than she could ever have imagined. The atmosphere in the building was rambunctious, not the quiet stillness of a crowd appreciated her ballet performances. In its stead was an entity alive with energy, pushing her ahead as she broke the ribbon.” 

-Roseanne Montillo


For every girl who dreams of being in the Olympics, winning the next game, or improving their overall athleticism, Fire on the Track: Betty Robinson and the Triumph of the Early Olympic Women is the perfect read. It highlights the fascinating story of Betty Robinson – an inexperienced track athlete – who journeyed from Illinois to Amsterdam in 1928 to race for the gold. A mere teenager when she raced, Betty was fascinating, ambitious, and nearly missed by history. Beyond Betty, though, Fire on the Track explores the stories of her fellow female racers including Babe Didrickson, HelenStephens and Stella Walsh who redefined track evens and represented women and the world at Olympic games.

With compelling voice, thoughtful details, and an insight into the early days of female professional athletes, this book offers a powerful look back in history and an inspiring glimpse of the future of sports!

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