30 Days to Peace

“In our busy and loud lives, it’s easy to get sucked into the pandemonium and ignore the life-giving breeze of peace. That’s what this journal is for. It’s about stopping for a few minutes each day to breathe in and reflect on stillness and harmony.

Although the pages that follow will help you discover what peace means to you, don’t overthink the entries. Just respond with your heart.” – 30 Days to Peace


There are so many creative journals on the  market these days – ones that require quick responses to questions, ones that urge you to get creative or artsy, and others that suggest you save mementos by just putting them in pockets and jotting down your memories. While these are all fun – and I love them in their own way – I was particularly thrilled by 30 Days to Peace: A One-Month Creative Journal. This journal only requires 30 days of focus in order for you to reap the rewards. No need to cycle through lots of reflections or passages – just read the Bible verse and respond to the question/prompt. For example “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all” (Romans 12:18) is followed by the question Why do you think God calls us to have peace within our own hearts and to live peacefully with others? That is it – no hard work – just jot down your thoughts.

The simplicity is comforting and reassured me that this journal is about calming me down and allowing to find peace in the pre-hustle-and-bustle season that is now upon us. What a gift!

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