Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy

What Makes You Happiest? This is one of about thirty questions from a confession album popular in France at the end of the nineteenth century and revived a century later as the Proust Questionnaire in Vanity Fair magazine. Happiness is a theme that has inspired varied thoughts throughout time – from Psalm 147 in the Bible (“a joyful and pleasant thing it is to be thankful”) to the words of Ellen DeGeneres (“I don’t know how happiness could get any more perfect, but I think it would involve puppies”). Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy offers  journey to discover what brings you the most joy. Your guides are the most thoughtful and thought-provoking words of poets, artists, entertainers, novelists, scientists, politicians, and philosophers, from the past and from today. Prompts, based on these quotations will lead you to look inside of yourself and to act on ideas small and large, in order to mine the potential for joy every day.” 



Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy is the easiest journal to keep. It is filled with quotes from sages like Antoine de Saint-Exupery to comedians like Mark Twain. The words of writers, philosophers, and other intellectual celebrities are featured in the journal, all in an effort to highlight a key component of joy. These quotes link with short (but powerful) quotes that allow you to track your happiness quotient, find joy in little things, and reflect on what truly provides you pleasure. Below is a sampling of what makes this book great:

  • “One cannot think well, eat well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf
    • How I dined well today…
  • “The less we indulge in our pleasures, the more we enjoy them.” – Juvenal
    • A rare pleasure enjoyed today…
  • It made me very happy today to give this surprise…
  • Happy Face: Draw your face when you were active today.
  • Today I was happy and carefree because…

This book is a wonderful journal and I am so excited to give it as a gift to those near and dear to me. It is tiny enough to travel with and really does a great job of opening the door to positive thinking!

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