An Invitation to Hope

“The stories I tell in these pages are not my own. They are the stories of many more faithful than myself…It’s a daunting task to write it all down, to beg God for words that would truly and only point to Him, to invite you in to see all of it, the good and the ugly, the joy and the pain, my heart bled out here on paper. But on the other side of this daunting task, on the other side of the risk of sharing my vulnerable heart with the whole crazy world is the chance that you might see Jesus here, in our kitchen, here in our life. And maybe, too, you would see Jesus in our mess and our brokenness and you would be encouraged that there is grace and purpose in your mess and brokenness too?” 

– Katie Davis Majors


In her followup to Kisses from Katie, Katie Davis Majors – the young American homecoming queen-turned-missionary – shares life after her first book and the triumphs, challenges, joys, and tribulations associated with her work in Uganda. Since her first book, Katie has gotten married and added to her family, but also encountered the challenges of losing those you love. Daring to Hope: Finding God’s Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful emphasizes that even in times of darkness, God is never far away; Katie does this by sharing stories of her friends and family in Uganda.

Her humility and compassion shine through – whether it be her account of losing a dear friend (Katherine) or the illness of another (Betty), or the challenges associated with trying to raise God-fearing children in a world of uncertainty – Katie’s journey through the realities of motherhood and the persistence of doubt are all too relate-able. Some might find her voice to be a bit cloying as she strives to repeatedly emphasize how she is blessed, but encounters challenges nonetheless, yet I found her story to be engaging and truly readable. It is clear that Katie understands that faith journeys are just that – we are always striving to be closer to God, yet the world often does its best to pull us away from His love.

I was so fascinated by her story that I had to visit her ministry site – – in order to see the faces and work of the women with whom Katie has built a community. I found Katie’s story to be inspiring and reassuring – all of us (even the most centered on Christ) are likely to encounter struggles in the chaotic modern world in which we live.

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