Positive Discipline: Tools for Teachers

“It’s time to channel your inner detective and start reading the signals that your students are sending you. This means that you will be a teacher whose energy is focused on following clues to discover the belief behind a student’s behavior, rather than a teacher focused on needlessly punishing unacceptable behavior. It means you will use your best teaching skills to encourage a student to develop a new belief and a new behavior.” 

-Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.. and Kelly Gfroerer, Ph.D.


I know, I know…the last thing that you are thinking about right now is how to get your classroom perfect in the fall. In reality, though, while the school year is winding down, this really is the perfect time to reflect on teaching, your classroom, your students, and classroom management. It doesn’t sound like fun, and it seems like it would be a bit of a hassle, but right now you can look back on the successes and failures of the school year with a keen awareness of what you would like to do differently next year. That is why, this is the perfect time to read Positive Discipline: Tools for Teachers – Effective Classroom Management for Social, Emotional, and Academic Success. This book is a comprehensive guide for teachers of all ages. It walks through strategies for novice and veteran teachers, and the authors do a superb job of incorporating tried and true strategies from educational experts who are practicing teachers. Similar to PBIS strategies, the methods detailed in this book are able to be cohesively blended to cultivate a community of learning with structure. With topics ranging from teacher-student agreements (and follow-through when solutions are reached) to understanding the brain of your students, and from “I” messages to how to communicate your message without words, this book offers a range of solutions and strategies.

Additionally, the suggestions for collaborative support, self-care, and both cool-off time and compliments are practical and insightful. This book is ideal for those entering into the teaching profession, or anyone who has been in the classroom for a while and could use a refresher or an infusion of innovative strategies for supporting students with positive discipline.


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