“What we especially love about finding Roadfood is that it is of the people, by the people and for the people. Roadfood restaurants are not created by celebrity chefs, nor do they reflect of-the-moment trends. They express the combined passion and talents of cooks and staff, the hard work of farmers and fishermen and bakers and pitmasters, the enthusiasm of patrons, and the grassroots traditions from which they arose.” 

-Jane and Michael Stern


Roadfood: An Eater’s Guide to More Than 1,000 of the Best Local Hot Spots & Hidden Gems across America could not have arrived at a more perfect time. As the school year winds down, and summer begins, so does road trip season. I am excited because I have a few getaways planned and honestly began scouting out my route the moment that I opened Roadfood. This book highlights hidden gems and more popular establishments, giving the price, the hours, the address, and the specialties.

These are not glitzy places that require a wardrobe change before dining. These are classics like Seattle’s Beth’s Café which serves twelve-egg omlets built for lumberjacks and hipsters alike. The guide also highlights seasonal favorites like Michigan’s The Cherry Hut, Illinois’ Charlie Parker’s, and Nashville’s Interstate Barbecue. The maps help clarify where each of these gems is, but the descriptions alone are enough to entice any hungry traveler to get off the beaten path to find a delicious meal – be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This book is a staple for any road trippers – apps and websites simply don’t have the insight that Roadfood does. Plus, celebrating local food and regional fare is part of what makes a road trip so magical, right?


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