We Stood Upon Stars

“The beauty was reckless. My mind tried to contain it, but it swallowed me. It was as if God created this expanse solely for His pleasure. From this height, the ridges and plateaus and spires and canyons and mountains and valleys and earthen folds looked like bright coral growing wildly on a tropical reef. It was an ocean of beauty; the highway my opening to swim out of shallow waters.”

-Roger W. Thompson


Part spiritual guide, part travel journal, and part inspirational autobiography, We Stood Upon Stars is a touching book, and arrived in perfect time for the start of summer. Each chapter is an essay from Thompson’s experiences traveling throughout the West. With adventures in Washington, California, Mexico, Montana, and beyond, this book seamlessly blends stories of the great outdoors with reflections of faith. Thompson proves that getting out into nature can allow for a true connection with God. Freedom, growth, and the celebration of natural beauty is interwoven into powerful (yet not overpowering) statements of faith.

Done in the style of American literary greats, We Stood Upon Stars celebrates the best of America’s great outdoors and the call of the West. Plus, the book features some amazing maps which are illustrated to highlight beautiful scenery, favorite eateries, and local gems. The hand-drawn maps are awesome and will definitely come in handy when planning a road trip. Overall, this book is a great gift for surfers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for road trip idea and spiritual growth.


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