Life After

We rarely know when death will come. Some are warned in sickness – like the track of dirt that runs around the edge of a baseball field, cautioning outfielders that they are running out of room. The end is near. But others – many others – meet death without any warning at all, in an unforeseen moment that wrenches consciousness in two, separating the living from the dead.

That’s how it would come on this particular evening for twenty-two individuals…”

Katie Ganshert – Life After


On a snowy day, a Chicago train is blown to pieces. Only one of the twenty-two passengers survives. With never ending survivor’s guilt, the survivor – Autumn Manning – becomes a recluse in her own world. She quits her successful job and avoids social engagements, especially those like the commemoration of the memorial for the passengers who perished.

Paul’s wife was one of the passengers – she, like so many others, passed on and left wreckage of former lives. In her case, Paul is left a widower with two young children – Reese and Tate. He is trying to navigate a successful career as a counselor and raise two loving children, but finds obstacles at every turn (i.e. his twelve year old daughter has taken up worrisome adolescent behaviors).

When their worlds collide, Autumn and Paul must work to heal, grow in their faith in God, and help each other to move forward. Told with an authentic voice and focusing on relate-able characters, Life After is a powerful story about how we heal after the unexpected happens. Telling the story with honesty, Katie Ganshert is a powerful author! I can’t wait to share this with my book club!


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