The Chamberlain Key

“From that moment on, unexplainable events started to occur in my own life…I knew that God was compelling me to search within the scriptures.” – Timothy P. Smith


Imagine receiving repeated dreams that would unlock a true understanding of Biblical passages. That is precisely what happened to author Timothy P. Smith who was drawn to a passage in Genesis, and soon began to see other secrets within the passage. Although a bit far-fetched and somewhat fictional sounding events,  The Chamberlain Key relies upon scientists, scholars of Hebrew Scripture and Theology, and Biblical historians to confirm and corroborate Smith’s findings.

Uncovering this initial message led to a series of worldwide mysteries being unfolded and true insight into early Christian traditions. While I had a hard time following everything, this read a lot like The DaVinci Code, but is much more rooted in faith and Biblical history.  This book highlights what was woven into the scriptures and offers insight into the mysteries that the great book holds. Although I am a confident Christian, this book was a bit questionable at times, but undeniable in its truth at others. Overall, though, it makes for an intriguing read.

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