Hunters in the Dark

“Fireflies now shone in groomed-looking frangipani trees nearby and he felt his skin moisten and harden at the same time. He had spent nearly all his cash and was due to go back to the homeland, but he had stuck his neck out for a few days across the border and suddenly it seemed to have paid off. It sometimes came up like that, a flash of good luck out of nowhere…”

Lawrence Osborne

Robert Grieve is  teacher who is eager to get out of his small town in order to explore the world. Entering into Thailand, he is ushered into a world where he has power and mystique, but he is utterly unprepared for what he encounters.

The beautiful prose of the story add to the story’s intrigue, and the events unfold in an intriguing and compelling manner. It is difficult to respect Robert, though, and the story is not quite as intriguing as I would have hoped. It is a good read and is written in a realistic fashion, but not the best book that I have read recently.


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