A Call to Mercy: Mother Teresa

“Mother Teresa epitomizes the act of giving.

‘Her heart,’ said Sister Nirmala, Mother Teresa’s immediate successor, ‘ was big like the heart of God Himself, filled with love, affection, compassion, and mercy. Rich and poor, young and old, strong and weak, learned and ignorant, saints and sinners of all nations, cultures, and religions found a loving welcome in her heart, because in each of them she saw the face of her Beloved – Jesus.’ ”

Father Brian Kolodiejchuk, MC


It is fitting in this Year of Mercy that Mother Teresa would be canonized, for she is the exemplar of modern day mercy. She had such a sweeping impact on those around her and inspired countless more through her daily acts of charity, grace, and faith. A Call to Mercy: Mother Teresa is the most beautiful celebration of Mother Teresa’s life and actions.

Each chapter is broken down into sections that emphasize her words (what she actually said or wrote) and her example (the testimonies of those close to her). Each small section is eye-opening and filled with love. Brief examples of her faithfulness, her unwavering love for the poor, and her fearlessness. She relied intensely on God’s love in all she did, and it shows through in each passage. The concise lessons are humbling and comforting – Mother Teresa, like Jesus, did not call for everyone to do everything, but to do everything we can with love, dignity, cheer, and humility. One such example follows:

“I used to go out on apostolate with Mother. We used to walk a great distance to take care of a crippled boy with tuberculosis named Nicolas…He had to big bedsores; Mother used to clean and dress his wounds…The family was very poor, so Mother used to carry daily food for them. I used to be so tired and felt like crying every day, but Mother used to say, ‘ We have to save souls and we must do it happily.’ I knew Mother was also tired, but she did not show it in any way. This we did for several years.”

With moving stories of charitable acts, reflections on faith, and Catholic traditions (such as confession), this book is a wonderful way to get to now the new saint through a whole new lens. Her legacy endures because of her faith and acts of charity, and A Call to Mercy is a celebration of a life well lived.


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