Life of the Party

“All of us have to believe to live; and the more we are able to believe in with firmness and conviction; the more abundantly, the more prosperously, the more happily we live. What is it that prevents some people from realizing this amazing from realizing this mazing force in their own lives? Only one thing… the terrible tendency of the human being to look back. Like the biblical wife, some people keep turning to the past, and give it power to destroy the present and the future.”

Brownie Wise (p. 127)


The above statement seems so fitting considering the source. Brownie Wise, although she is largely unheard of today, was a dynamo in her day who took her lemons and made lemonade. Or rather, sold the Tupperware in which one could hold their lemonade.

As a divorced, single mother in the early part of the twentieth-century, Brownie had the odds stacked against her. She did not have a high school degree, but had high levels of determination and confidence which allowed her to transform Earl Tupper’s plastic-ware company into a global empire.

The Life of the Party: The Remarkable Story of How Brownie Wise Built, and Lost a Tupperware Party Empire tells the fascinating story of this woman who managed to make Tupperware a household name and a household product. Her insight, tenacity, and charm make her a modern businesswoman and an inspiration for anyone trying to be a bit more successful in business and life. The life story of Brownie Wise is compelling; you root for her as she builds her business to raise her son and are hooked, wondering why Tupper wants her out of the business and to write her out of its history. This book is a great read and an inspiring tale.


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