Modern Potluck: Beautiful Food to Share

“I began to realize that maybe potlucks weren’t so simple any more. In an era of artisan pickles, gluten-free diets, #foodporn hashtags, pastured eggs, and kimchi tacos, the potluck has become potentially quite complicated. Now you  have to consider things like dietary restrictions and instagram worthiness. There’s also pressure to make a standout dish to serve people who are way savvier about food than they were a few decades ago. Plus, you might be judged not only by how tasty your disth is but also by how sustainable.”

-Kristin Donnelly

Modern Potluck

Potlucks have a sort of nostalgic charm; they are at one social and communal, but festive and fun. In recent years, though, they have seemingly fallen out of favor. Whether it is because the notion of a potluck hearkens back to the era of stay-at-home moms bringing baked goods to church picnics, or because of the number of dietary restrictions and the pressure for perfection, potlucks are not what they once were.

Or are they? Kristin Donnelly exposes the power of the potluck and proves that it can be fun, refreshing, and delicious – in spite of various diets and the desire to be food-conscious. Donnelly’s recipes are delicious and foolproof (the last thing that you want is a huge flop when you have a crowd of people to feed…and impress). Each of the recipes can hold their own and are equally delightful at a family gathering or a social endeavor. These are healthier than old-fashioned potluck favorites and are easily adapted to meet the needs of gluten-free, vegetarian,  or vegan eaters.

Stunning photographs, and recipes like Lemon Bundtcake with Ricotta and Cornmeal; Carmelized Kimchi Cornbread; Potato Chip Crusted Magic Bars; Late Summer Vegetable Enchilada Pie; and Middle-Eastern Seven Layer Salad with Quinoa make this book a hit! Reinvented classics like Fresh Tomatillo Salsa; Vegan Caprese Salad; and Vanilla Honey Syrup make this a book that you will come back to time and again!


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