Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers

Q: Where did the newlywed dice go on their honeymoon?

A: Pair-a-dice

Q: What kind of cars do trees prefer?

A: Stick shifts


As a pun lover, I was so excited by the game Punderdome. I love having pun battles with friends and family members, so the premise sounded great. This game seemed like a perfect way to produce countless puns with my friends and family.

Upon opening it, I was thrilled by the clever puns and the potential. The rules are pretty simple: each player tries to come up with a pun that cleverly blends the words on two cards. For example, seeing the cards Furniture and Exercising, you could say “You can only run sofa until you need to take a break!” or “I never go to the gym – I’m more of a La-Z-Boy.” The player whose pun is selected as the best gets the cards for that round and then is the announcer and selector for the next round.

It sounds like fun, but in all reality, it got old quickly. Yes, it is possible to have hours of fun with just the right group, but this is a game of wits and cleverness and one friend who does not LOVE puns could make this game a bust. Also, the prize is provided by the host who writes in the mystery envelopes two things that they are “willing to part with.” These can be real treasures, or just stuff that you are wanting to get rid of. The winner selects between two envelopes and is rewarded with either trash or treasure.

All in all, this game has lots of potential, but it is not a game that you can play frequently or with the same friends. It does require a bit of finesse and flexibility. My favorite part of the game is the terrible puns that are on the back of the cards and make for great daily jokes. The cards are cute, the concept is fun, but the execution is a bit lacking.


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