“Houses that dream are built for the ages (one or two perhaps, in every small American town). Once revered as grand homes, they are now merely called “buildings.” they’re the columned fortresses stranded on the back streets you pass on the way to visit elderly aunties; sights to whistle at while snapping a cell phone picture before motoring on. Constructed by ambitious dreamers…such grand estates spend their infancies priding under the touch of skilled craftsmen, certain they’ll provide shelter to everyone who steps across their thresholds for centuries to come.” – Miranda Beverly-Whittemore


June is a compelling story that spans the ages and is the perfect summer read. Cassie is living in her grandmother June’s house mourning the loss of the woman she raised, she is forced to face the past of a woman she thought that she knew. Living in a stupor and ignoring everything from bills to phone calls, Cassie is shocked to discover that she was selected as the sole heir of a wealthy celebrity’s fortune. Because of this, she is forced to deal with her grandmother’s hidden past which was impacted by more than Cassie would have anticipated. Mystery and intrigue abound as Cassie is involved in a fight for an inheritance she didn’t anticipate and the truth of her grandmother’s past.

The prose in this novel is beautiful and even though there are moments when I dislike the characters and their actions, I couldn’t help but get hooked on the story. I appreciate the authenticity of Cassie and the fascinating appeal of June. Also, I love that the house, Two Oaks is an actual character in the novel with lush plants and aging walls showing the simultaneous vitality and decay. This book is an absolute gem and makes for an excellent summer read.


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