The Water-Saving Garden

“This book will show you that a water-saving garden can be so much more than just cacti or succulents, although certainly those can be beautiful too. A garden that sips instead of guzzles can be quite lush if planted with regionally appropriate plants. It’s a matter of adjusting expectations of what a garden should be and creating a responsible garden in harmony with nature. It’s about accepting the reality of one’s climate and gardening accordingly.” – Pam Penick


Living in the Northwest, I never believed that I would even consider a water-saving garden. After all, we have the reputation of perpetual rain and grey skies. In reality, though, I realized that a water-saving garden might be just the thing after last summer. With days in the high 80s and 90s and little rain throughout the summer, I managed to kill strawberries, flowers and a few perennials, simply because I tried (unsuccessfully) to keep too many plants alive and my water bill low.

After reading The Water-Saving Garden: How to Grow a Gorgeous Garden with a Lot Less Water by Pam Penick, I am so excited for this summer. While I may not have it mastered quite yet, the stunning pictures, the simple planting suggestions, and the expert advice make this a project that is totally manageable. Plant listings, recommended resources and regional suggestions round out an excellent book. I realize that I may not become an expert gardener, but I feel inspired, excited, and creative with loads of useful information to plan a water-wise garden that will save precious natural resources, time, and money.


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