The Sleep Revolution

“It’s one of humanity’s great unifiers. It binds us to one another, to our ancestors, to our past and to the future. No matter who we are or where we are in the world and in our lives, we share a common need for sleep. Though this need has been a constant throughout human history, our relationship to sleep has gone through dramatic ups and downs. And right now that relationship is in a crisis.”

-Arianna Huffington


When The Beatles famously sang, “You say you want a revolution,” they may not have been envisioning this type of revolution. The Sleep Revolution. While Americans are busier than ever, relinquishing more time to work, stress, finances, and attempting to squeeze in time for leisure and relaxation, what has been sacrificed is sleep. In The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time, Arianna Huffington breaks down why sleep is important, how to get more, and how to maximize the sleep that you do get. With solid research and engaging writing, Huffington manages to strike the balance between informative and inspiring.

Huffington succinctly manages to break down why sleep is restorative and revitalizing, but acknowledges that even she doesn’t always recognize the critical nature of rest. Although I was initially skeptical, and assumed that a book about sleep would be a bit of a snooze (pun intended), I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful detail, thorough insight, and ability to make a much-overlooked aspect of daily life into a fascinating subject. Overall, it is well worth reading (just perhaps not on an electronic reader right before bed as that will undoubtedly interfere with your rest that night).


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