Fast Metabolism Food RX

“So, how do I survive with all these health issues? I think a better question is: How have I managed not just to survive but also to thrive with them?…Today my labs are beautiful, and I have food to thank for that. I haven’t been on prednisone since I was twenty-one, and I have food to thank for that. I delivered two beautiful and healthy children, and I have food to thank for that. I deal with my RSD without medication, and I have food to thank for that. I wrote three New York Times bestsellers despite my learning disabilities. I have a thriving career. I feel good – right here, right now. And I have food to thank for all of it.” – Haylie Pomroy


Haylie Pomroy knows her nutrition. Despite having dealt with debilitating health issues (everything from eczema and folic acid assimilation complications, to ADHD and the autoimmune disease ITP), Pomroy learned how to use food to heal and thrive. Her experience is noted in each of her previous books, but Fast Metabolism Food RX takes this knowledge to the next level. Who knew that food, health equations, and dietary reflection could be so insightful and informative? With an approachable tone, wonderful insight, and a ton of insight into nutritional powerhouses and different foods to combat specific health concerns, this book feels like a trusted friend chatting about healthy eating based on their own experiences. This book is wonderful and I honestly found that I did not want to put it down because I was so fascinated by the information and couldn’t wait to put my newfound knowledge to the test. After all, if Pomroy can combat nearly a dozen various health concerns, I can absolutely improve my own health by eating more consciously.


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