Cats in Paris: A Magical Coloring Book

“Before I knew it, cats began to find their place in my life. I work from home, and found myself wanting to share my day with someone. That’s when I met my first cat, Eva. After that, cats started to fill my empty spaces. They would stay near my – by the desk, beside the table, and under the bed before i went to sleep. Cats seemed to be close by all the time.

In order to learn their subtle language, I discovered that patience and observation is key. I was inspired by their smooth and fine movements, their eyes shining with a variety of colors, and their charming communications. The illustrations in this book are proof of such inspiration.”


Adult coloring books are all the rage. After a recent trip to Powell’s bookstore in Portland, I was amazed by the huge selection. Fashion, cityscapes, and cars were all the subjects of stylish coloring books. While these are great, Cats in Paris is a lovely option because of its unique style. The images are at once loose and inspiring. Rather than symmetrical designs that are popular abstract options, or highly structured images that leave little room for artistic stylings, Won-Sun Jang’s book allows each page to serve as a work of art or a relaxing coloring exercise. Even though I am not a huge cat fan, I love the adorable scenes and the way in which Jang celebrates simple moments with precious animals.

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