Life Changing Magic: A Journal

Marie Kondo worked wonders with her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Now she returns with a new approach to celebrating simple, joyful living with her new book, Life-Changing Magic:A Journal:Spark Joy Every Day.


Using the same approach which emphasizes celebrating what you have, finding purpose and beauty in all that surrounds you, and building your life around passion and purpose, not possessions, Kondo manages to transform journaling into a reflective art form. This three year journal is designed to allow you to grow in thoughts and actions and contemplate what brings joy, peace, hope, and health into your life. While this is built on principles of simplicity and minimalism, the question thas is asked repeatedly allows for robust responses and genuine reflection, asking about what brings happiness, peace, chaos, or clutter into your life by simply asking Does it spark joy? With a different quote each month, this journal encourages writers to change how they live in order to spark joy in everything that they do (and acknowledge those things that do not spark joy in order to spark change). This book is extraordinary for its simplicity and should be celebrated for its potential.


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