Manmade: The Essential Skincare & Grooming Reference for Every Man

“Here’s the thing about a truly refined man: He knows exactly when to pay attention and he lives for the details. The crease in his pocket square, his cufflinks, his socks – these small but important touches are never lost on such a fellow. Grooming touches have the same importance.” – Chris Salgardo


As the President of Kiehl’s, Chris Salgardo knows a thing or two about grooming. The right ways to moisturize, style hair, and prep one’s skin – all of these are essentials, but often overlooked in favor of women’s grooming tips. In Manmade, Salgardo expertly details exactly what it takes to make a guy look and feel his best.

With advice on hair styles, beard grooming, nail care, tattoo maintenance, lifestyle habits, and cultivating a good sense of self, Salgardo has written the essential guide to more than skincare. While it would be easy to categorize this as a hipster guide to looking good, this book extends far beyond that. The images are visually captivating, the passages are both inspiring and practical, and the random advice (i.e. life hacks) are clever enough to be actually useful. In sum, this book is kind of like a printed Pinterest board for guys and will make a perfect gift for my brother (not that he needs any grooming advice).


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