You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life

“It’s ironic that this has become my way to manifest reality, because I’ve always found the blank page pretty intimidating: I was never the sort of girl who could just open a notebook and pour my heart out. My brain works faster than my hands, so I’d really rather just talk out loud. I used to love how Felicity would journal through a little recorder. I really learned about the powers of practice of writing stuff down from the best, though. Every night, after Spring Awakening on Broadway, my best friend Jonathan Groff would sit down – before he even left the theater – and write about his night on stage. Because we were doing the same thing night after night, it was his way of keeping a record of the time – in tracking all the tiny differences in the way it all made him feel, of writing about what he had learned, so that it didn’t become one big life blur. It blew my mind that he had both the energy and the ability to process what had happened so quickly – that he could express it so immediately in words…I took this lesson to heart.” – Lea Michelle

Journaling is such a soothing activity, but I recognize that it can be time consuming and unnatural. In today’s busy world, rarely do we have the time to write down every thought and track every feeling. Sometimes we don’t even know where to begin, yet we want to have a record of our changes and transformations, and keep an eye on the little differences that allow us to be constantly evolving individuals. While I have little knowledge of Lea Michelle as a celebrity or life guru, I will say that she has hit the nail on the head when it comes to journaling. Her book, You First, is a powerful set of prompts with insight into her own life experiences that allows anyone to start thinking about life goals, personal history, and exciting aspirations in a whole new way.

The prompts are fun and the pages are lovely, making this a great gift for anyone who is just starting to write journal entries, or anyone who is aiming to rethink their life path. With pages focusing on family history, childhood memories, traditional recipes, goals for yourself, reflections on fears and hopes, this journal is a great way of acknowledging who you are while you strive to become who you want to be. The conversational tone of the advice that is interspersed is refreshing, and it feels like you might be jotting down notes with a friend, but the powerful and insightful prompts are refreshing and inspiring. This book is great for those who are fans of Lea Michelle, or those, like me, who are seeking greater self-knowledge and self-awareness.


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