Q & A A Day: 365 Questions, 4 Years, 1,460 Sketches

This is definitely not my normal review and post.  This is not a novel or a non-fiction memoir, but a creative, individually-driven journal that is simply amazing.  The Q&A A Day series has journals for all types, college students, couples, kids, etc., but this newest one is designed for creatives of all ages. With a simple prompt and a 4-square layout, this journal allows your imagination to run wild each day. Thoughtful prompts encourage out-of-the-box thinking and allow you to feel focused and refreshed each day. Plus, the four year style allows you to see four years of thoughts, progress, and reflections in a simple format…it is like a time capsule in book form.

Prompts vary with each day having a new spin on creative thinking, but some of my favorites follow: How would you illustrate a smell that you love? What would best symbolize your life’s biggest challenge right now? Visualize the pros and cons of a decision you need to make. What if you had to wear a disguise today? Picture it here. And If you could change one thing about yourself today, what would it be?

The response options are unlimited. Simply sketch, chart, write, or list your thoughts and begin a beautiful collection of ideas and inspirations.


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