Encountering Truth: Meeting God in the Everyday

“Pope Francis insists on the dynamic element of the Church. In his homilies he is acting as a teacher of spiritual life, inciting us to move forward, to go to the existential peripheries, on mission. The way becomes the great metaphor of spiritual and ecclesiastical life. Only on the way is encounter possible. The way is, in this sense, the place of truth.” – Antonio Spadaro

Pope Francis has quickly become known for his approachable nature, his humility, and his relevant messages. His cheerful smile and undeniable warmth have made him a favorite among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Encountering Truth captures these qualities in the most beautiful way with Pope Francis’ homilies from morning mass at Saint Martha’s chapel. Every morning, he observes mass with a devoted few; average people who are eager to join in the powerful celebration and gain inspiration from the pope. The simple homilies from these daily masses offer insight into Biblical passages as well as sound advice for those of us striving for faith in God in spite of the hectic pace of the modern world. Many of them have been collected in Encountering Truth so that devoted followers around the world can share in the wonders of the daily mass from a tiny Vatican chapel.

Beginning with an engaging introduction by Antonio Spadaro, this book offers wisdom, insight, and most of all, reflections on scripture that are inspiring and comforting. With homilies focusing on grace, humility, courage, prayer, weakness, truth, and, hope, among others, this collection of 186 of Pope Francis’ brief homilies is an absolute gift. The brevity of each homily allows for a brief reading when there is time or a more in-depth study along with the provided Biblical passages. There is no need to rush through this book reading each homily; indeed, it is so much more beautiful when each passage is savored and fully appreciated. Although Christmas is far away, I am already thinking of the friends and family members who will adore this treasure!

-Pope Francis


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