What Color is Your Parachute? For Teens

“Ready for an adventure? Great! This book is an adventure that will help you discover what’s most important to you. The purpose of this adventure is to answer the most important question: How do I find work I will love?” – Carol Christen, Richard Bolles

Years ago while I was teaching a college and career readiness course at a charter school in California, I was saddened by the fact that there were no variations in the classic What Color is Your Parachute? to accommodate my high school students.  They were excited to explore their career path and examine their goals, but it was sometimes hard to engage them in the book because the classic version is so clearly catered toward adults.  Years later, I am nothing short of thrilled by the third edition of What Color is Your Parachute? For Teens. The layout is appealing, the exercises are engaging, and the book is a genuinely fun read.  Since it is high school graduation season, it is the perfect time to launch teens on their path to success, and I have been delighted to give this as a graduation gift.  It is never too early for teens to begin planning their future, though, and this book is appealing for both adolescents and older teens.  The relevant information, the insightful exercises, and the clear content makes for an all-around excellent resource for young adults of all ages.


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