A Bone to Pick

“America’s food system is broken Ten years ago, that statement would have been met with blank stares: Most of us didn’t know exactly what a ‘food system’ was, let alone that ours wasn’t working: after all we have an affordable, abundant, and mostly safe food supply. But as issues of how our food is produced and consumed, and the impact of both on our health and the environment, have crept further into mainstream culture, media, and politics, more of us are realizing what’s at stake, and are joining the conversation And when it comes to recognizing, assessing, and fixing the shortcomings of our food system, there is a whole lot to talk about.” – Mark Bittman

A Bone to Pick: The Good and Bad News about Food, with Wisdom and Advice on Diets, Food Safety, GMOs, Farming and More proves to be an extensive and exceptional collection of Bittman’s New York Times writings. These pieces – brief, but filled with insight – address a variety of food-related issues. Topics include pesticides, local food, Chinese farming, junk food, diets, the FDA, and salt, among others. Each article is substantial enough to provide detailed accounts of what is wrong with the contemporary American food system, but brief enough to be read as a stand-alone piece. A Bone to Pick offers an informed perspective for anyone interested in exploring what is wrong, right, and curious about America’s food, dietary habits, and farming practices.


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