Salad Love

“This is not a cookbook. I’m not a chef; I’m a designer and food lover raised in Milan. This is a book about why I love salads, what inspired me to make a new one every day, and how you can do the same. It won’t teach you how to cook – it is a collection of salad combinations that I’ve actually prepared and eaten.” -David Bez

Salad has long had a bad reputation. It is the food relegated to the side, never getting the glory and attention of the entree. Although it has the potential to be colorful, flavorful, elegant, and hearty, salads are rarely given the time and attention to be worthy of such titles.  Often associated with vegetarian or vegan lifestyles – or worse, linked with plastic bags and bottled dressings – the salad has gone unnoticed for far too long.

Thank goodness for David Bez and his passionate obsession with crafting delicious and satisfying salads.  Bez based this book on his two-year-journey to create delicious, healthy salads that would keep him full and eating diverse foods. Clearly, his self-imposed challenge was successful because Salad Love features over 200 salads that range from the everyday to the exotic.  This book is a stunner – well bound with delightful photos of each salad, and seasonally arranged recipes to make your salads as eye catching as they are delicious. With options featuring fruit like blackberries and nectarines, and eccentric ingredients like octopus and seaweed, this book takes salad outside of the box (or, the plastic bag, as the case may be).  Pesto, tofu, bread, dried apricots and blueberries – ingredients that are rarely seen in everyday salad combinations – are featured in Bez’s recipes. Additionally, Bez takes the time to make Salad Love a guide for crafting delightful salads, walking food lovers of all levels through the basics of making a truly satisfying salad that has all the nutrients needed for a busy day.  Bez has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that salad can be filling, beautiful, and take center stage at any meal.


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