Yoga for Your Mind and Body

“Ever notice that you’ve got a stiff neck or painful lower back during a stressful time in your life? Yoga could be just what the doctor ordered.” – Yoga for Your Mind and Body

Yoga for Your Mind and Body is a perfect primer in all sorts of yoga stretches.  From Half-Frog Pose to Lotus Pose, and from Child’s Pose to Reclined Hero’s Pose, all of the different stretches are broken down into multiple steps.  The beautiful pictures of all of the different poses and the clear, succinct descriptions make this accessible to all readers.  I appreciate that the focus of this book is on the stretching and the natural relaxation that comes with it rather than meditation, as is so often the case with yoga books.

While Yoga for Your Mind and Body is targeted toward a younger audience, this is suitable for all readers who are interested in learning a bit more about yoga and perfecting a stretching routine.  Plus, with the variety of poses at varying degrees of mastery, this book will allow for relaxation for everyone.


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