Pure Food: Eat Clean with Seasonal Plant-Based Recipes

“Pure Food is not a ‘fancy’ cookbook. It’s an approachable guide to help you quit fast, frozen, processed foods, and get back into the kitchen. This book isn’t full of snack-bar recipes, but instead demonstrates how I feed myself and my family on a daily basis. My recipes are simple and wholesome, and use real, seasonal foods that will hopefully help others rediscover cooking and do it within their schedule.” –  Victoria Bosgraaf

The founder of Pure Bar, Victoria Bosgraaf has a knack for making delicious, healthy, whole-food recipes.  This book takes readers beyond the delicious bars that her company is known for and instead makes delicious plant-based options accessible year-round with delicious ingredients. Although it would be easy for a book of this kind to be intimidating, Bosgraaf makes it entirely approachable with easy recipes, simple ingredients, and so much flavor.

All of the recipes are sorted by the time of year when essential ingredients will be available.  For example, January features Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Cacao Chip Banana Bread, and Winter Garlic and Vegetable Stew.  This maximizes nutrition and flavor, and makes going to a farmer’s market so much more exciting!  The vegetarian options are so tempting.  Options like Pineapple Sweet Bread, Pickled Vegetables, Asiago Jalapeno Muffins, Rhubarb Breakfast Crisp, and Eggplant Love Lasagna, there are options for the entire day.  There is even a beautiful collection of recipes that emphasize everyday basics (from Pesto to Guacamole, Bosgraaf has you covered). The only complaint that I have is that there aren’t as many pictures as I would like; otherwise, this is a top-notch book that has delicious options for all times of day and it serves as the perfect transition into making your kitchen a haven for healthy cooking.


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