We wrote this book as a way to deliver the key skills you’ll need in a supercharged 14-day program. Think of this as a whole-life reboot – a complete upgrade of your internal operating system that improves how you think, feel and live.” – Jan Bruce, Andrew Shatte, and Adam Perlman

Stress is commonplace in the 21st century; it is practically unavoidable.  Yet, living with constant stress is far from healthy.  While breathing exercises, yoga routines, and relaxation methods may temporarily relieve the anxieties of modern life, their results are not long lasting.

The authors of meQuilibrium take a revolutionary approach. They have uncovered a system that allows you to identify stressors, acknowledge your dominant emotional reactions, and gives you the tools to zap your emotions before they lead to stress.  Written in a friendly and approachable tone, with realistic expectations, this book guides readers through 14 days of stress elimination exercises.  There is a great deal of relevant information ranging from modeled situations to written reflection exercises, and the strategies are ideal for integrating into a daily routine.

Ultimately, there is no stress when it comes to de-stressing.  meQuilibrium takes care of rethinking stress and zapping it before it becomes a problem.


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