Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell

“The Mars Investigations office was dim and cool, a relief from the sweltering heat outside. Dust motes glittered in the bars of light falling through the blinds. The rented space looked and felt industrial, more in terms of its original function – brewing enormous vats of lager – than any conscious design mode. It had twenty-foot ceilings, stained concrete floors, and lingering hints of distillates in the air. ” – Rob Thomas

Veronica Mars is back and better than ever in the latest novel based upon the cult-classic t.v. show and recent movie. As the second novel (of a hopefully long line) of Veronica Mars mysteries, Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell picks right up where the last novel (and the recent movie) left off.

In this novel, Veronica is hired by the Neptune Grand’s insurance agency to uncover the truth behind the sexual assault of a young woman who had been a guest at their bar. While the woman accused an illegal immigrant of being her rapist, and admitted that she had few memories of the events of the attack, when Veronica begins to dig into the story, she uncovers a past with the victim and realizes that this mystery is much more complicated than she could have expected. All of this, though, happens while her father, Keith, is attempting to take on the Neptune Sheriff’s Department – specifically Dan Lamb, the ruthless leader of a corrupt police force – after they planted evidence implicating Eli “Weevil” Navarro.

Familiar characters, twists and turns, and the witty repartee that made the show such a hit are all present in the novel making it a must-read for Veronica Mars fans and a great story for mystery readers.

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