Loved as I Am

“Authentic love gently but directly intervened in my life, in the form of a very holy and brave Catholic priest named Fr. Santan Pinto. Father knew that my life was sinful and broken, but he did not shame me. He saw beauty in me where I saw only ugliness, and he continually encouraged me to seek and authentic life with God, rather than waste my life in sin. The friendship and fatherhood Fr. Pinto shared with me over the course of many years changed my destiny. He taught me that the ideologies the world imposes upon us are entirely false. The reality is that we are made for goodness, truth, and beauty. We long for more because we are made for more.” – Miriam James Heidland, S.O.L.T.

In today’s world, we often feel pressure. Pressure to conform. Pressure to succeed. Pressure to be excellent in every aspect of our lives.  Rarely are these pressures centered around faith or our relationship with God, though. Often, the pressures we feel come from society and those around us. While it is all-too-common to assume that we are not good enough as we are, Sister Miriam emphasizes that God loves us just as we are, so we should love ourselves as God created us.

Recognizing that we are created in God’s image, loved unconditionally by God, we need not worry about what to buy, how to fit in, or what might impress others.  Instead, Sister Miriam breaks down the message of God’s love into small chapters, with personal stories, scriptural passages, and reflection questions. The consistent message that God loves us as we are, and we must try to see God in ourselves every day. This beautiful book is a compelling reminder of God’s love for us, and reinforces that we are truly loved just as we are.


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