Joy the Baker: Homemade Decadence

“I want you to feel confident in the kitchen. I want you to make scones for the first time, dust off that ice cream maker you got as a wedding present, and conquer your fear of meringue. I think you’ll find that the time involved and love exuded will make a tasty, tasteful difference. I believe we can all use a little extra love and caramel in our treats these days.” – Joy Wilson

I love to bake and can think of few things better than creating new masterpieces in the kitchen, but I will be the first to admit that sometimes I lack baking inspiration. Enter Homemade Decadence. Joy The Baker, of the eponymous blog, has a collection of recipes that is simply amazing and enough to keep me entertained for ages. The book is astounding in its depth and breadth, covering everything from brunch to pie, and brownies to pie. The photos are stunning, and tempting enough to convert even the strictest of dieters.

Although the title emphasizes decadence, the recipes are simple and easy to recreate. This book makes a beautiful gift and a stunning addition to any home chef’s collection. Homemade Decadence is a delicious treat packed with beautiful recipes and inspiration to boot.

Champagne-Sorbet Floats

1 pint lemon sorbet

1 pint raspberry sorbet

1 (750-milliliter) bottle champagne, chilled

Put a small scoop of the lemon sorbet into each of 8 glasses. Top with a small scoop of the raspberry sorbet. Slowly fill the glasses with the champagne. Serve immediately.


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