Detroit Graffiti

“Once regarded as the automotive capital of the world and still struggling valiantly to hold on to that title, the city of Detroit has seen a steady decline over the last several years…Rising from these ashes is a vibrant and flourishing graffiti and street art community. A crumbling brick wall is now more than an eyesore and a safety hazard; it’s a canvas whetting the appetite of artistic possibility.”

– Chris Freitag

Detroit is a dying city. Buildings crumble, rubble litters the streets, and the backbone of a formerly strong city slumps across the skyline. Detroit is not yet dead, though.  While there may be no classically great art rising from the ashes, Detroit’s industrial spirit has laid claim to a new style of revolutionary art.  Graffiti artists have laid claim to Detroit’s brick walls, crumbling factories, and deteriorating infrastructure. Rather than being distracting or threatening, the graffiti art is inspiring and tells the story of Detroit as it struggles to rebuild.

Chris Freitag captures Detroit at its most vulnerable, yet shows the power of “spray artists” who are reclaiming the city.  Touring the city, Freitag walks readers through the city, showing walls and ruins decorated by graffiti art unlike that seen elsewhere. Diverse and ecclectic, brilliant and bold, the graffiti in Detroit Graffiti is unlike traditional art celebrated in other cities. This dazzling book – creative in scope and completely unique – is not so much a eulogy for a dying city, but a celebration of what will allow Detroit to survive.


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