Novel Interiors: Living in Enchanted Rooms Inspired by Literature

Who can forget the sleek glamour of Gatsby’s glittering mansion at West Egg? Or the snug charms of the Dashwood family’s dear little cottage in Sense and Sensibility? Or the stylish decadence of Dorian Gray’s apartment with its black lacquer furniture and porcelain dragon bowls?  If you’re at all like me, it’s what happens between the plot points of a novel that creates the most indelible impression.”

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

As a lover of books, I imagine characters, settings, and other dimensions of novels with great detail. While the best of characters will undeniably jump off of the page and I can empathize with them rather easily, as Giramonti notes, sometimes the settings root me in the story.  Whether it be the March home in Little Women or Darcy’s estate in Pride and Prejudice, the best books allow me to live the moments with the characters.  Giramonti brings these settings to life with vivid photos of contemporary rooms that are undoubtedly inspired by some of the greatest works of literature.

With quotes from great authors and descriptions of how to recreate the environments of great novels, Novel Interiors is more than just another decorating book.  It guides literary fans into the worlds of some of their favorite fictional casts while focusing on the moods and materials of timeless rooms. While the advice will not guide readers to make specific purchases or arrange furniture in a certain manner, with suggestions about patterns, textiles, light, and decorative touches, it is possible to recreates the tone of some of the best homes in literature in an entirely contemporary manner. As the title indicates, with this collection of decorating inspiration, any room will be truly enchanted.


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