The Pandas and Their Chopsticks

“On the table there were many dishes of bamboo shoots – the panda’s favorite food! Beside each panda was  pair of chopsticks. But the chopsticks were three feet long! The pandas were getting madder and hungrier every minute.  The curious panda saw why: Not one of them could figure out how to eat with their three-foot-long chopsticks!” – Demi

Demi has done it again!  She has a beautiful collection of Asian-inspired folk tales that are all beautifully illustrated.  These short tales (each about the size of an Aesop’s fable), impart brief moral lessons and are clever and entertaining. The illustrations are simultaneously stunning and charming, and are appealing to audiences of all ages.  Stories include The Pandas and Their Chopsticks, The Fox Who Was King of the Forest, The Helpful Hummingbird, The Turtle Who Couldn’t Stop Talking, and The Kite on a String, each delightfully told. This beautiful book will enhance any book collection and makes an ideal gift.


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