The Delight Gluten-Free Cookbook

“If you sit down with people who love food and are also diagnosed with celiac disease or have a sensitivity to gluten, you’ll often hear the same story.  Before their diagnosis, they eagerly awaited the arrival of their favorite food magazines every month and as soon as they appeared, they read them cover to cover…And then they couldn’t eat gluten.  In an instant, more than 90 percent of the recipes in their favorite food magazines were no longer suitable for their special diet. Delight Gluten-Free Magazine launched in 2008 with one simple mission: to inspire, educate and encourage food lovers to embrace a gluten-free lifestyle filled with bold flavors, fresh ingredients and beautiful food.” – The Delight Gluten-Free Cookbook

The Delight Gluten-Free Cookbook is an absolute gem for anyone who struggles with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.  It is filled with beautiful photographs and diverse recipes that are perfect for any time of day.  Diverse options for snacks, desserts, main dishes, and even cocktails, this cookbook is the perfect treat for gluten-intolerant home chefs. Options like Garden Fresh Minestrone Soup, Multigrain Sandwich Bread, Chai Spiced Zucchini Bread, Sweet Pineapple Dip, Cheesy Leek Risotto, and Lemon Lime Bars, there are options to please all diners. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Raspberry Lime Sangria, Spicy Orange Sesame Carrots, Gazpacho Salad, and Veggie Pizza are perfect replicas of the originals – with recipes like this who will miss the gluten?


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