A Book of Uncommon Prayer

Prayer for Cashiers and Checkout Counter Folks

“Who endure the cold swirls of winter from the sliding doors that are opening and closing every forty seconds; and who endure pomposity and buffoonery and minor madness in their customers; and who gently help the shuffling old lady in the ancient camel coat count out the right change for her loaf of bread and single can of cat food; and cheerfully also disburse stamps along with bagging the groceries and even occasionally carting them out swiftly for the customers they know are frail and wobbly; and who must sometimes silently want to scream and shriek in weariness and wondering how it is that they are here for eight hours at a stretch…”

Brian Doyle has a collection of prayers that live up to the title of the book. A Book of Uncommon Prayer celebrates the ordinary miracles and wonders in life. From birds in the garden, hot showers, decent shoes, the Chicago White Sox, Nuns, Good Friday, and so many more things that often go underappreciated.  With humor, insight, and grace, Doyle has a collection of prayers offering thanks for the mundane and impressive, and makes praying an exciting and smile-inducing event.  This book is for members of any faith, especially for those who know that God has a sense of humor.


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