Joy to the World

“We are Christ’s family, and so the joy of Christmas belongs to us. And it can be experienced not just in the Holy Land, but anywhere, at any time of year, every day.” – Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn is known for his work as a Catholic speaker, educator, and author; he has the ability to make complex religious subjects both simple and appealing.  He beautifully blends scripture passages with Catholic church teaching, and his latest work Joy to the World: How Christ’s Coming Changed Everything (And Still Does) is no exception.  Hahn makes a compelling case for how the birth of Christ (and everything associated with it) shapes our faith, our religious practices, and should inspire us everyday.

While this book is ideal as a means of preparing for advent, it is a great read at any time of the year.  With an emphasis on Mary’s influence on Biblical passages, the historical nature of the Biblical account, Joseph’s role in the story (and position as a role model today), and insight offered by outside texts to support the story of Christ’s birth, this book covers more than the simple birth narrative so familiar to many of us.  Additionally, Hahn compellingly shows why Jesus’ birth was not the only miracle associated with this story, and how Jesus’ humble beginnings reinforce his saving grace.

Joy to the World is an ideal book for the Christmas season for readers of all Christian denominations, offering ample opportunities for book studies and faith-sharing groups.


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