It’s a God Thing Volume 2

“Jesus tells us in Luke 11 that we should ask, seek, and knock. We should never forget that God loves us, that He cares for us, and that His timing is perfect. An even when we don’t know precisely what what it is that we need or how we should be asking, God’s love and knowledge of us is immense.” – Pamela Emmett

 There are times when it is comforting to hear inspiring stories of faith and God’s unwavering love. It’s a God Thing: Volume 2 by Don Jacobson is a beautiful collection of personal stories that show God’s healing power, constant love, miraculous works, and absolute dedication.  This collection of stories, each submitted by a different person, is remarkable in its ability to comfort, inspire, and affirm faith. Quite simply, this second volume of It’s a God Thing is a beautiful set of stories that are wonderfully uplifting and somewhat akin to a faith and miracle-centered Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Book Club Questions:

1. The stories range widely in subject. Some focus on miraculous healings while others center around subtle signs from God. Which do you find more comforting as signs of God’s love?

2. What do many of these writers share in common with each other? What might this indicate about God’s love?

3. Not all of the stories featured here have happy endings.  Why might they still be featured in this book of faith-filled stories? What insight do they impart?



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