DIY Type: 50+ Typographic Stencils

“Thinking back on how my friends spoke courage into my life, I wanted to create this book not only to share my story but also to encourage people to experiment and create for themselves – to find what is uniquely life-giving for them.” – Dana Tanamachi

In the Pinterest-obsessed era in which we live, it is easy to get overwhelmed by creativity and craftiness.  Ideas surround us, but if you are like me, you don’t always know where to begin.  Enter DIY Type: 50+ Typograhic Stencils. Dana Tanamachi has created a book of strong cardstock stencils that will allow you to create wall art, gift wrap embellishments, and all sorts of crafts with beautiful lettering. This book is simple in nature – there is a brief introduction and there are suggestions for how to decorate clothing, parties, your home, and desk.  While the book does not offer many sources of inspiration or walk readers through specific step-by-step instructions for creating certain styles of lettering, with an abundance of Pinterest projects awaiting me, I look forward to testing out the stencils and experimenting with different types of lettering.

Just to clarify, the stencils are about 6-inches in height and 4-inches wide for the large ones and 3-inches by 3-inches for the smaller stencils.  There are additional decorative stencils that vary in size, but jazz up the basic letters.  This book is a heavy-duty book, but some may be frustrated that it is little more than a collection of high-quality stencils.  There is no actual lettering advice or insight into lettering projects.  For those of you who are crafty and inspired, this is a winner; for those of you looking for a bit more guidance, this may not be the place to start.


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