“In our generation, we too are responsible for the Church’s health and vitality, for her ability to respond to the opportunities presented by these times, and for her capacity to overcome the obstacles of new circumstances. The Gospel remains and endures in it is original form, but the eyes and ears and minds of those who are to receive the good news must do it within the culture of this time, perhaps despite the culture of this time.” – Robert P. Reed

Few would deny that the Catholic church is in a time of crisis.  Whatever the cause may be, Robert P. Reed acknowledges that in order to bring life and energy to the church, it is important to be part of the “new evangelization” that Pope Saint John Paul II spoke of. Many of us are ill-equipped to do this, though. Renewed: Ten Ways to Rediscover the Saints, Embrace Your Gifts and Revive Your Catholic Faith is the perfect way to balance beautiful stories of the lives of saints, prayerful passages, reflection questions, and lectio divina readings. By focusing on examples like Joan of Arc, Terese of Lisieux, Thomas Aquinas, and Mother Teresa, it is possible to see how we can evangelize in our modern world in spite of numerous obstacles.  Renewed is a compelling read and perfect for book studies and personal growth and a wonderful way to renew your own faith connection.

Book Study Questions:

1. Why is it important to understand the lives of saints today?

2. What makes saints good examples for renewing the Catholic faith in the modern era?

3. What is one goal that you have set for yourself to grow as an evangelist of faith?


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