The Beatles: Here, There, and Everywhere

“How did they do it? That is the question every Beatles fan asks at some point. How did a rag-tag band from a bombed-out British city become so hugely popular, so widely influential, and so enduring?” – Nancy J. Hajeski

As a huge fan of The Beatles from a very young age, I love learning more about my favorite band.  While there are a number of repetitive and poorly compiled books on what is arguably the best band of all time, The Beatles: Here, There, and Everywhere takes a different approach.  Hajeski examines the locations, events, and people that were so pivotal in the lives, formation, and development of The Beatles.  Tracing the band from their days as The Quarry Men of Liverpool through the British Invasion, to the Rubber Soul  era and their role as international sensations. There is even a chapter on the private lives of the band members with insight into how fame and celebrity status shaped relationships and personal decisions. With insightful quotes, in-depth information, and loads of information that is a must for die-hard Beatles fans, this book is an absolute treasure.


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