“In today’s world, we are so often busy and pushed for time, and the idea of setting aside one or two days to make tamales is saved for special occasions, such as Christmas, when women in Mexico traditionally gather to make traditional tamales on enormous quantities. But why not also be able to enjoy tamales on a weeknight?” – Alice Guadalupe Tapp

I love tamales; although I rarely make them, I love the fact that they are at once simple and elegant.  They are a treat and a staple. Tamales: Fast and Delicious Mexican Meals is a beautiful collection that celebrates ordinary, everyday options as well as thrilling and delicious specialties. With step-by-step instructions to walk home cooks through the process of making tamales as well as instructions for concocting tempting sauces, this book makes tamales easy for every night of the week.  Options like Corn Salad Inside-Out Tamales, Simple Veggie Tamales, Calabazita Tamales, and Artichoke Tamales, the flavors range from the traditional to the exotic.  Creamy Mushroom Tamales and Fresh Poblano and Potato Tamales are two exceptional options. There is even a chapter focusing on dessert tamales like Oreo Tamales and Chocolate Bread Pudding Tamales. While not all of the recipes are vegetarian, all of them are gluten-free; with this many options, there is no excuse not to diversify your dinner menu.


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