Burial Ground

“What if I was to tell you that there was a second Tunica Treasure, as big as the first, and it was somewhere on my land? What if I was to tell you the second Tunica village was twenty miles from Trudeau instead of ten, and that’s why nobody found it?” – Malcolm Shuman

Alan Graham is an archaeologist in Louisiana, exploring the ruins of the South and struggling to make ends meet in spite of a passionate desire to unearth history. When he is presented with a new case, though, he is intrigued by the idea that he could uncover part of an ancient Indian treasure believed to have been lost forever.  Unfortunately, before he can begin excavating the land to uncover the truth, the owner of the land is killed, and a new archaeologist lands in town threatening to take Graham’s business.

With unexpected twists and turns, and engaging characters, this is a quick read.  The book is a few years old, so technology is not quite up to date, but the rich history and the well-thought-out plot make it a fun mystery.


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