Economics through Infographics

“Every day, all around the world, products are made, bought and sold. Money is spent and saved. People go to work. All these activities help make up an economy.” – Karen Latchana Kenny, p. 5

Who would have guessed that economics could be so appealing? With bright colors, clever designs, simple explanations, and compelling historical examples, Economics through Infographics by Karen Latchana Kenny is sure to make economics exciting for even the most reluctant reader.  With a clear explanation of economic principles like supply and demand, global scale, workplace economics, and even the economics of toys, this book simplifies what could otherwise be incredibly challenging topics.  A comparison of Big Macs and Starbucks’ Grande Latte at locations around the world is fascinating (and cleverly communicated), as is a spread on Seed Money for entrepreneurial efforts.  My favorite, though, would be an explanation of supply and demand illustrated through toys (remember the Tickle Me Elmo craze of the ’90s?). Overall, this is a great visual guide to economics.  It is short enough to be exciting while still providing a comprehensive overview to engage anyone in the subject.


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