Robin Robertson’s Vegan without Borders

I call my collection Vegan without Borders because fantastic flavors know no boundaries and neither do most vegans when it comes to enjoying great-tasting food.” – Robin Robertson

Robin Robertson is the queen of the vegan cookbook world, and I think that this book is her best ever.  Vegan without Borders is a beautiful, colorful cookbook that is packed with delicious recipes from around the world. The flavors are delicious and all of the recipes are unique and original, yet easily replicated by home chefs.

With delicious recipe options from Greece, Africa, Mexico, India, the Middle East, and Japan, among other locations, this cookbook is packed with international delights and truly is a global melting pot of flavors.  The photography is stunning and with recipe options like Baked Eggplant Fries, Blue Ribbon Chocolate Layer Cake, Manchurian Cauliflower, Tofu and Jackfruit Curry, Bibimbap, and Saffron-Almond Rice Pudding, the flavors range from exotic to ordinary.  All of them, though are extraordinary.

Robin Robertson proves that you don’t need to travel the world the get delicious vegan fare!

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