Candy Aisle Crafts

Like many kids, I loved candy,  but less for eating it than for their colors and shapes and packaging.  I thought of it as another craft material possibility.” – Jodi Levine

While I may not be the craftiest person around, I love cooking, baking and decorating, and when I feel particularly inspired, I will give crafting a whirl as long as the project is fun and enticing.  Things may be about to change, though.  Jodi Levine, a long-time staffer for Martha Stewart Living Magazine has perfected the art of creating decorations, candy, and even jewelry out of candy.  The themes are diverse – marshmallow polar bears, candy cane bowls, and clown cupcake toppers.  The steps are easy, and the results are adorable.  The projects are easy enough to get kids excited and promote creativity (many require little more than hard candy, marshmallows, or simple kitchen ingredients).  The options range from simple to sophisticated, but all are enjoyable.

I may never look at hard candy in the same way!

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