Bend Your Brain

“When you do something over and over again, gradually increasing the difficulty, that’s how you get major brain change.” – Bend Your Brain

I am a fan of puzzles, logic problems, word games, and brain benders. I love the challenge, and after reading Bend Your Brain: 151 Puzzles, Tips, and Tricks to Blow (and Grow) Your Mind, I love that I am working to improve my memory, spatial ability, coordination, critical thinking, and word skills. This book, full of challenging puzzles and exciting games makes building my memory an exciting activity.

 Options like Wordoku, Connect the (850) Dots, Visual Words, Recall the Logo Details, and Mazes make building your brain a blast.  There are dozens of different styles of puzzles in this collection, and because it is created by the geniuses behind Marbles: The Brain Store, these are designed to help your brain grow while having a good time.  The games target specific brain skills and are rated based upon difficulty, making this an approachable book for novice logicians and perfect for puzzle pros.  Plus, the clever infographics and bonus brain facts make this an engaging guide into the inner workings of the brain.  I loved the creativity of these puzzles and absolutely know what I will be buying some of my logic loving friends for Christmas!

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